e-Boks is a critical output channel for any Customer Communication Management system

We offer enterprises and public authorities
a secure a user-friendly an effective
platform for digital communication


years’ of experience as a provider of digital infrastructure


public and private senders use the e-Boks platform globally


GPDR and eIDAS compliant

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Telco sector

e-Boks help telcos expanding their service portfolio and establish new revenue streams.

Postal sector

e-Boks facilitates a secure and effective digital output system for postal companies, reducing costs by up to 80%.

GovTech sector

e-Boks digitizes governments and increases the efficiency in citizen communication through a sustainable platform.

CCM sector

e-Boks offers a secure channel to CCM providers to establish new revenue streams and maximise the value of their customers.

The benefits of using the e-Boks platform

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Improve productivity

Free up resources by eliminating the costly, manual process of handling physical letters and documents.

Lower costs

Exchange documents faster while keeping transaction costs down, saving up to 80% of distribution costs.

Reduce maintenance

Rely on free security updates and ongoing maintenance of your digital e-Boks platform.

Strengthen security

Meet EU regulations and emerging standards such as GDPR, eIDAS and eDelivery by dispatching personal documents through e-Boks. 

Advance sustainability

Contribute to huge environmental savings by switching from paper to digital post while advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 16.

Increase engagement

Leverage the possibilities of 100% guaranteed delivery of documents to intended recipients and experience increased engagement and conversion rates.

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Platform delivered as-a-service

The e-Boks platform is secure, intuitive and customisable to your organisation's needs in terms of design and functionality. It is easy to deploy, even easier to use and requires a minimum of maintenance. 

The e-Boks platform helps automate and streamline your digital communication with the highest level of security and compliance. Distribution costs go down together with your environmental footprint.

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Send any kind of important documents directly to your users’ personal digital postboxes with 100% delivery guarantee. 

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  • Send and store important insurance papers
  • Send payslips digitally every month
  • Send and store personal HR documents
  • Store sensitive documents for as long as needed
  • Notify users of important appointments and bookings

In the personal digital postbox, the user can safely communicate with companies and public authorities in an encrypted environment. e-Boks is always at hand and easy to use either via mobile or web.

Helping protect what’s really important

Less consumption

We protect nature by reducing the consumption of paper and water.

Strengthens legal rights

We strengthen your legal rights as an individual.

Reduces CO2e emissions

We work to reduce CO2e emissions.

COP Report Smaller 2024

Digital post presents a convenient and cost-effective path towards cutting down on waste and reducing the use of natural resources.

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