Our platform is built around the principles of trust and security

A proven history of succesful digital communication

21 million

users on the e-Boks platform globally


private and public senders use e-Boks 

610 million

documents were sent through the e-Boks platform in 2020


years’ of experience as a provider of digital infrastructure


We are one of the most trusted brands

Trust is our key priority. That’s why we are particularly proud to announce that we have been ranked one of the most trusted brands in Denmark for several years in a row.

In our journey towards creating better digital societies, we are helping enterprises and public authorities decrease their environmental footprint, phasing out one piece of paper at a time.

COP 2021 (1)

Reducing emissions

Digital post eliminates the physical transportation of letters, saving the environment large amounts of CO2 emissions.

Saving paper

Every hour, we help save more than 1000 kg. of paper by shifting from physical documents to digital post.

Human rights

Our postboxes strengthen people’s legal rights and identities and enable secure and transparent access to public and private institutions.

Carbon neutral data

By 2030, our goal is to rely on 100% carbon neutral data from our data centre suppliers.

Protecting water

Paper requires large amounts of water. By going paperless, we help save 403,245 litres of water every single hour.

Reducing space

Our platform stores your documents safely throughout a lifetime without taking up any physical space.

Global Compact Progress Report 2020

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We have built our business on the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals to uphold our responsibilities to people and the planet.

On the path to connecting millions more

The proof is in the numbers. We have provided thousands of businesses and public authorities with a secure platform for digital communication. Since then, the number has grown steadily and now more than 30,000 public and private organisations use the e-Boks platform to manage their digital post.

In 2020, more than 610 million documents were sent through the e-Boks platform. 222 million of them were from the public sector alone.

Million Messages And Documents Sent Every Year 2020
Torgeir Strypet

Torgeir Strypet

Department Director at Norwegian Digitalisation Agency

“e-Boks is a highly innovative company with strong international competence. e-Boks will quite simply occupy a leading position in any future Nordic collaboration on borderless digital post”.

International experience

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For more than 20 years, we have helped public authorities and businesses securely digitise their communication flows.

We proudly provide the governments of Denmark, Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Ireland with a secure platform for digital communication.

Well-renowned international banks, insurance companies and energy service providers have chosen to use the e-Boks platform instead of pursuing their own solutions.

We are leading the way for innovating digital post by continuously expanding our digital solutions to countries within and outside the EU.


Creating value across borders

The e-Boks platform meets the increasing demand for cross-border services and adheres to new regulations and emerging standards all over the world.

Digital transformation

We help organisations streamline and automate communication flows.

International outlook

We connect governments and businesses with users across the world.

Security & compliance

We help organisations comply with EU regulations and standards such as GDPR.


We help others take big steps towards a smaller environmental footprint.

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