A powerful digital postbox platform that helps you communicate effectively with customers

Build better banking solutions and reduce
postage cost response times customer churn
along the way

Feedom to focus

We offer a digital postbox platform, based on 20 years of experience and know-how, allowing banks to deliver their mission-critical core-banking proposition and serving their clients.

A hybrid cloud solution

Our platform can be customised to your hosting requirements as both a hybrid cloud and on-premise solution ensuring that your data is always kept under your control.

Secure by design

Flexible solution – geared to implement new regulatory requirements and news legal frameworks. 

Trusted by

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Taking care of business

We give you all the digital communication services your bank needs making communicating with your clients easier. The digital postbox platform improves the client experience and provides user-friendly service interactions.

100% compliance

The digital postbox platform complies with EU regulations and standards. Document actions are tracked and saved in the organisation’s archive. The audit trail is visible for both banks and their clients, leading to a reduction in support cases. 

Flexibility and speed-to-market

Provided as Software as a Service. New functionality can be toggled on/off with the switch of a button. Our product toolkit enables quick and easy product creation and deployment. 

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Hans Kofoed

IT Development Team Lead

“It’s important to have a partner willing to listen, that we can develop with, and that’s able to keep up when things grow and move on.”

What makes us different from other digital postboxes available for banks today?

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  • Seamless onboarding
  • Document archive 
  • Single sign-on and advanced search
  • Personal storage of papers
  • Signing of documents 
  • Payment of invoices