e-Boks is a critical output channel for any Customer Communication Management system

Add e-Boks to your CCM portfolio and improve the
security response time sustainability open rates
on behalf of your customers

Expand your business

Add a new revenue stream to your portfolio. Our digital platform offers a unique opportunity to expand your business by offering customers a new way of communicating.

Follow market demand

Improve the experience of your customers with a secure communication platform that increases the open rates and lowers the response time when distributing sensitive documents.

Protect your customers

End-to-end encrypted solution, built to comply with existing and future regulatory requirements and legal frameworks. The perfect fit to serve customers within regulated industries.

Maximise your customers' efficiency and value when distributing sensitive documents such as bills, contracts, statements, etc.

Rely on proven technology

For more than 20 years, e-Boks has been serving regulated industries to securely distribute sensitive documents between businesses and their clients. 

100% compliance

The secured CCM channel complies with EU regulations and standards. Document actions such as openings, signings, payments, are tracked and saved in the organisation’s archive.

Flexibility and speed-to-market

Provided as Software as a Service. New functionality can be toggled on/off with the switch of a button. Our product toolkit enables quick and easy deployment. 

Download the booklet to learn more about our secure CCM platform.

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Chris Hogg Cumulo9

Chris Hogg

CEO of Cumulo9

”e-Boks has demonstrated a shared commitment to digital excellence and innovation that perfectly aligned with our strategic focus at Cumulo9. The integration of e-Boks' secure digital postbox platform together with Cumulo9's robust suite of communication solutions and digital capabilities allows us to offer a seamless and comprehensive digital communications infrastructure solution in the market. Together, we have forged a powerful partnership that not only expands our business opportunities but also brings immense value to our clients.”

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  • Customer centric platform
  • GDPR and eIDAS compliant
  • Improved speed-to-market
  • Reduced cost by going digital
  • Cross-border functionalities
  • Read-receipts for sender