A powerful digital postbox platform that helps you communicate effectively with customers

Create better postal solutions and embrace
digital transformation cost savings customer demand

Stay relevant

Deliver mail anytime and anywhere with a digital postbox platform that enables you to digitize manual process and strengthen your market position. 

Follow customer demand

Digital post is the future and with a digital postbox as part of your customer communication management solution you have a secure and effective way to communicate with your customers.

Reduce cost

Sending post the old way requires so many steps and so much labour. Increase the speed of mail with a digital postbox platform that allows you to send secure and fast mail with a reduced cost. 

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Why should you invest in a digital postbox platform?

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  • Embrace digital transformation
  • Digitize manual processes
  • Cost-savings 
  • Keep up with customer demand
  • Access to best-in-breed technology 
  • Enhanced security and compliance
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Giovanni Belli

Business Development Manager at PostNord Strålfors

"While you might think that physical and digital post are two very different things, there are obvious synergies between the two. We seek to offer the services our customers need, and they are usually looking for a mix of digital communication and letter post.”

Rely on proven technology

Instead of developing your own software we offer you a platform ready to integrate into your IT system. A software solution ready for plug and play.

Trusted Nordic digitalization partner​

Our digital postbox platform complies with EU regulations and standards. Using e-Boks means improved work processes and a substantial reduction in total cost.

Flexibility and speed-to-market

Provided as Software as a Service. New functionality can be toggled on/off with the switch of a button. Our product toolkit enables quick and easy product creation and deployment. 

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